zOS, OS/390, Perl, and ancestors

From: Passer, Michael W. <PasserM_at_umkc.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 22 12:19:33 2002

A relevant piece of "Real Programmers Don't Use Pascal" comes
immediately to mind:

"No, your Real Programmer uses OS\370. A good programmer can find and
understand the description of the IJK305I error he just got in his JCL
manual. A great programmer can write JCL without referring to the manual
at all. A truly outstanding programmer can find bugs buried in a 6
megabyte core dump without using a hex calculator. (I have actually seen
this done.)

OS is a truly remarkable operating system. It's possible to destroy days
of work with a single misplaced space, so alertness in the programming
staff is encouraged. The best way to approach the system is through a
keypunch. Some people claim there is a Time Sharing system that runs on
OS\370, but after careful study I have come to the conclusion that they
were mistaken."

And, anyway, wouldn't MVS, OS/390 or zOS, or whatever IBM marketing is
calling it this week run Perl just fine under its POSIX layer (OMVS)?

>> On April 22, Raymond Moyers wrote:
>> > I bet perl becomes bigtime on mainframes
>> This frightens me.
>> -Dave.
> The 60 Billion fold increase in function ?
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