A Grand Tour

From: Mike <dogas_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Apr 22 13:10:29 2002

I'm back from my trip to Pittsburgh Pa. While there, I called around but
couldn't pick up a good lead on any old computers in the area other than the
1) Goodwill Computer
Center in South Side and online at http://www.goodwillpitt.org/ and during
2) an annual Garbage Day. ;)

The Goodwill there actually had a cool small historical display along one
wall wtih several old computers (and stats) including a Commodore Pet 2001,
a TRS-80 Model 1&EI, a Apple 2e, a TI99/4&EI, a IBM PC... These were all
out of reach, and not for sale, but at least nicely displayed. There was
also some Mac gear and a little Sun equipment though they were a little more
pricy. They've got a nice area for selling old software, hardware, and
documentation. Buys included: boxed Commodore 64+4, Wolfram's Mathemattica
suppliment CD, early Mac, 800k drive, Amiga TeX, and medialess software
packages for MS Fortran, Bank Street Writer, and Jet all for something like

And on the way back home, I visited Alex Knight in North Carolina, and got
to see some incredible calculators from the 60s including his programmable
Merchants, and Nixietube/multiuser Wangs. I knew immediately that Alex
would provide a good home for my Canon Canola SX-320 programmable...


...which I was able to trade for the blue Intel equipment in the next pic...


;)! Joe already had dibs on the white Intel 225 (did you notice the
harddisk for it?) I was happy to bring Joe's down and land the 210 system
to reunite it with the tape reader I already had.


Thanks Alex. The Canola will ship today or tomorrow!

- Mike: dogas_at_bellsouth.net
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