suggestions on BBC Micro, voltage converter, PAL monitor (in US)?

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 14:09:05 2002

>If the power supply is switching, they ususally rectify the line
>and go from there. In which case the frequency has no bearing..

        Never having had either a broken beeb or a broken cub
        monitor, I have no idea whether they care
        about the frequency or not. It's unlikely, but
        you never know ...

        One or other of the PDPs used to derive
        some sort of rough clock from the
        input frequency. You told it whether
        it was running 50Hz or 60Hz so it
        could adjust appropriately.

>Can you get UK to Euro AC adapters there? I've only seen the round
>plugs with two pins, and the sorta ground lug.

        There are (cheap) travel adapters that allow you
        to plug UK appliances into various
        worldwide connectors. I don't have one to
        hand to check, but I do know some of them
        can cope with a hairdryer - whether that's
        enough to not catch light when trying
        to feed an early beeb with the
        varnish-stripping PSU is not
        clear to me :-)

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