Apple-1 Auction conclusion

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 17:50:04 2002

I do have a II+, still, though I gave the other one to someone on the list not
long ago. I've also got a IIe and a IIc, though, now that I've pulled the PSU
from the IIe, it's on its way out, and not even the PSU on the IIc is worth
taking out, so the whole thing will ultimate go, once I unplug the socketed
reuseable parts.


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> >So you're saying you've got an Apple-1 that you're secretly hoarding
> >because you love it and wouldn't give it up for anything in the world and
> >don't want anyone to know about it because you're afraid someone will
> >break into your house one dark night and steal away with it?
> That sounds about right. After all, isn't Richard the one that buy's
> Apple 2's for their "power supply". I think he is secretly afraid to
> admit he loves the Apple, so he just *says* he gets them for the power
> supply.
> I bet he has a collection to put the rest of us Apple lovers to shame.
> ;-)
> -chris
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