suggestions on BBC Micro, voltage converter, PAL monitor (in US)?

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Mon Apr 22 17:38:52 2002

On Apr 22, 12:09, Carlini, Antonio wrote:
> >If the power supply is switching, they ususally rectify the line
> votage
> >and go from there. In which case the frequency has no bearing..
> Never having had either a broken beeb or a broken cub
> monitor, I have no idea whether they care
> about the frequency or not.

They don't. The frequency won't matter, only having "about" the right
voltage. Actually, I once (when I worked for an Acorn distributor) came
across a guy working abroad who had inadvertantly used his unmodified Beeb
on a 120V supply and never noticed until he bought a monitor -- which
refused to work at such a low voltage. I wouldn't suggest you try it,
though; it should be easy to change the PSU setting.

Many monitors may not care too much about the frequency either, but it's
probably easier to get one that can be set to 110V; a CGA or Amiga monitor
should work. I'd strongly suggest an RGB (TTL level) monitor rather than a
PAL or other composite colour monitor, as the higher-res screen modes
aren't too sharp when the colour signal is added to a composite signal.

> There are (cheap) travel adapters that allow you
> to plug UK appliances into various
> worldwide connectors. I don't have one to
> hand to check, but I do know some of them
> can cope with a hairdryer - whether that's
> enough to not catch light when trying
> to feed an early beeb with the
> varnish-stripping PSU is not
> clear to me :-)

Don't try it. Neither the adapter nor the Beeb's switch-mode PSU will like

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