wang 2200 MVP & more looking for home (fast!)

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Tue Apr 23 09:01:30 2002

Last night I was contacted by Joe Kultgen about a wang 2200 MVP he needs to
get rid of by the end of the month. Although I'm into the 2200, I'm
interested in just a few early models.

Please contact Joe directly at rtfm AT tds DOT net

> Are you still looking for some vintage Wang 2200 hardware?
> About six years ago I pulled one out of service at a brokerage I
>support. I have the following;
>3 2200 MVP Processors
>1 2200 MVPC Processor
>1 Magna removable hard disk + a half dozen disks. (Uses a removable hard
>disk platter in plastic cartridge, 10MB)
>2 twin bay extrernal hard drives (One has 2 MFM drives, other has 1 MFM and
>one 5 1/4 floppy)
>2 drive towers (6 bay?) that include 5 1/4 floppy and DAT tape drives.
>1 large box of drive controlers, I/O, and memory cards.
>1 Dumb terminal & keyboard
>25 lbs. of assorted Wang docs and manuals
>Joe Kultgen
>RTFM Technical Services

and in a subsequent email:

> The reason I'm dumping the stuff is that I'm relocating my shop. I have
>to be out by the end of the month. If you'd like to circulate the list,
>please feel free. If somebody expresses an interest in paying the shipping,
>they can have their pick of the pile, first come first served. I'll hold
>stuff that anyone wants past the 30th, everything else hits the dumpster.

Jim Battle ==
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