Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format)

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> > I find it interesting that the gaming market is one of the
> > main defining markets for current PC hardware...the very market that
> > PC users used to scorn. I've always thought it was stigma that was
> > unfairly applied to the Amiga, even if it was better at it than the
> > PC's of the same time period.
> Good point -- name something that the Amiga didn't do better...
> Chris
Survive ... that's something it didn't do better.

For a while it looked like it might, actually. I saw Amiga boxes with
external extensions to enable them to do video titling and other production
enhancements for low-end video production. Realtors used it, educational
institutions, even publich schools, used it. Unfortunately, it had some
weakness that allowed the IBM and Apple mainstreamers to overshadow it.

The fact it didn't survive doesn't mean it was in some way defective. The
PC's simply cost less for doing the things the Amiga did better than the
average computer.

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