C64 features (was: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Wed Apr 24 06:12:40 2002

> > were not great, but at least they were adequate. Frankly, if one
> > considers the competition, the Commodore people picked the video
> > toy market to play in rather than the home computer market,
> > because they couldn't compete with Apple and Radio Shack,
> > though they attempted to compete with RS' low-end.

> So just what is it that classifies the C64 as a "toy" computer ? When
> it was released, it was far more capable than the existant Apples,
> Ataris & Radio Shacks (& a damn sight cheaper too).

Hold your breath Commo Boy (I just feel 20 years younger :).
THe 8 Bit ataries where quite superior compared to the C64.
Not only softwarewise, where the C64 was som hardware with a
not realy adapted Basic from a total different computer, but
also hardwarewise. After all, the Amiga is nothing else than
a souped up 8 Bit Atari. AGNUS/DENISE is a staight foreward
port of the ANTIC/GTIA architecture. And didn't even the
PAULA include the serial port like Ataris POKEY ? Of couse,
both where made by the same developers.

I don't want to put the C64 down, but as with any Tramiel
product it was a lousy thing - not hte best hardware and
shiddy software.

Still it's amazing what programmes could get out of that
hardware. The same is true for the Atari ST. Basicly a
real weak (or better simple) product (Did someone say
Tramiel ?), but programmes got superior results ... Just
remember Xenon and Xenon II from the Bitmap Brothers. A
game outpassing all Amiga games at the same time, and done
without the (no doubt) superiour AMIGA graphic hardware.

> Indeed, out of all the machines then in production, which one still in
> use now is still capable of (more or less) doing what modern machines
> can ?

Apple II ?

If we stay with 8 Bit Computers, the A2 is maybe the most modern
one. You'll get everything including Nhernet card is just hack
for a few dozend owners, 'cause then I'etwork with standard cards.
Don't come up with the C64, where a Etll bring the ZX 81 up. THis
baby got anything from Hard disks to Network ... As late add ons.


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