Cheap tools (was: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 07:12:34 2002

> >Now, a real neat example did come to my mind: Isn't MS like
> >one of these 500 parts for 49.95 tool boxes at K/Wall-Mart ?
> >You realy get the oddest bits you ever seen and a good selection
> >of tools - tools where each single one costs you 20 bucks if
> >you buy them at a tool store. Now, would a serious craftsman
> >ever buy and use this 49.95 tool box ? No. He'll rather spend
> >ten times the money on a tenth of the tools to buy exactly the
> >quality he needs for his job.

> Having made the mistake of buying the $49.99 tools
> in the past, I can tell you that you should have bought the
> $250.00 set from a good source. The sockets split open,
> the Philips screwdriver points rounded and damaged the screws
> and the ratchet busted without even using a cheater.
> It had a life time guarantee. I found the replacements just
> as useless. Worse still, the plating from one of the replacement
> sockets peeled up and slashed my hand.
> It is better to have tools that don't break or damage
> your hardware than to have guaranteed junk.

Well, exactly my idea. Of course I have an unfair advantage,
beeing trained in a classic trade ;)

For what I realy need I have the kind of tools where a singel
screw driver is about 5-8 USD... It realy pays. On the other
hand, these sets are a real help for all the unusual stuff you
need only once in a life time.


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