Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <dquebbeman_at_acm.org>
Date: Wed Apr 24 10:41:30 2002

> > > Minis excluded, I guess the TRS-80 ;)
> > Err, graphical web browser ? (Wave on the Cpmmies).
> Actually, I was joking around. That aside, I wouldn't be
> surprised at all. Have you seen Tandy's "Deskmate" on the
> CoCo? It's not GEOS, but it's pretty nice for the time,
> with half decent graphical file management, etc, and runs
> over the OS/9 kernel.

For the truly devoted, I have a copy of PC-LINK for Deskmate.
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