Looking for documents of IMS - boards

From: Fritz Chwolka <Fritz_Chwolka_at_t-online.de>
Date: Wed Apr 24 13:11:32 2002

I got an help for some IMS board , hope that someone here have an

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Just want to thank you for making the old manuals and image files
available on http://oldcomputers.dyndns.org/public/

I found things here (like the IMS information) I have been hunting for
years. I am still looking for documents etc for some other IMS S-100
boards dating from around 1980-84:
- A862 Z80 CPU
- A930 Floppy Controller
- A821 Winchester Controller
- A1100 Winchester Controller
- A1021 64K RAM

You don't by any chance have files for these, do you? :)

Best wishes,
Arlen Michaels

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Thank you _at_ classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org . I like this group.

PLease answer only to


Greetings from

Fritz Chwolka - Duisburg
/ collecting old computers just for fun at www.alterechner.de \
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