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From: Christopher Smith <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 14:13:52 2002

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> My first Linux box was a 40MHz 386-DX (AMD) with 4MB of RAM and a

Mine was a 16Mhz 386SX, with 3MB of RAM. (One SIMM, and a strange
XMS ISA card from a slightly older system. :)

> pair of 40MB Seagate ST-251s... downloaded a piece at a time from

Single 40MB IDE disk.

> the UNC sunsite onto floppies and installed from them I used the

Softlanding from a local BBS... ;)

> UMDOS filesystem, since the machine normally booted into DOS 5;

"Enhanced" MINIX FS -- I actually got a copy of FIPS, and broke the
disk into two partitions. The linux part was slightly larger than
10M, with five for swap.

> I used LOADLIN to load Linux (still do on my workstation at home).

Used LILO.

> My first kernel build took 27 hours. After a series of builds,
> I think I got the total build time down to about 16 hours.

I don't remember, actually, I used to start them running, and just
leave them. Never build a kernel on that machine, though.


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