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From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <dquebbeman_at_acm.org>
Date: Wed Apr 24 15:27:46 2002

> It was thus said that the Great Douglas H. Quebbeman once stated:
> >
> > The interesting thing is that so much of Letwin's book contradicts
> > a magazine article by IBM's Ed Iaccabucci, where Ed described
> > a dynamic linking mechanism that worked exactly like the one in
> > Multics. So at one point, *early* on, there were divergent path
> > of development for OS/2, that ended up coalescing into one, the
> > wrong one...
> Would you happen to remember the magazine and when?

It was around 1987, and it was one of those controlled-
circulation magazines, many of which are excellent and
not mere advertising rags...

"Mini-Micro Systems" may have been it... whatever it was,
it underwent a name change while I was subscribed, and I
have been searching for the article since about 1990.

I've thought about asking Ed personally, but he's a
corporate big-wig now, possibly succumbed to PHB disease,
and so on...

The article galvanized me into buying OS/2 1.0 (Zenith
version). I was *very* disappointed when I got the docs
on programming the system, and discovered I'd once again
suffered from bait-and-switch...

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