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From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Apr 24 20:51:25 2002

  I spotted this in the CPM news-group. It looks like a good deal for somebody.

From: Gerald Pine <>
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Subject: Liquidating collection of CPM (and some other) machines
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I have sold cpm machines from my collection to several of you in the
past. I am finally running out of time to disperse my collection of
machines before my house is officially sold to its new owners. The
machines are in La Grange, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. My
wife is going to include whatever is not left in a garage sale that she
is holding next Saturday (the 27th or whatever date is a Saturday about
then--no calendar in front of me). If someone can pick up the machines
before then, or have a friend pick them up, they can be had for a VERY
attractive price. In fact, we'll let you name what you think is
reasonable. The more you take, the cheaper the better we'll like it. I
don't want to dumpster these if I can avoid it, and I doubt that the
local thrift store will be interested in them. Among what I have are:

Multiple Osborne I's --at least one I know is working. Some have
developed glitches sitting around for the last few years, and I think
that they could easily be made to work, but no guarantees. I do have at
least boot disks for most, but you might have to sort through some
diskettes to pick them out. Take them all and your job is easier.

Multiple Xerox 820-II's: 1 dual 8-inch floppy, 8-inch hard drive; 1
dual 8-inch floppy. 1 dual 5 1/4 inch floppy; some home made 8-inch
drive cabinets. Have software (much) for these, and even have one
pretty complete set of manuals and original diskettes, including a
technical manual, CPM and operating manuals of various types, and MS-DOS
manual, a CPM-86 manual, a graphics manual, wordstar, and probably some
that I'm not remembering. I'd like to get a few bucks for the manuals
A Sanyo MBC-1000(?) not sure of the number, but it is a single floppy
drive Z80 machine with boot disks and some software that I've
transferred. Almost new condition.
An Altos 580 and an Altos 8000: The 580 is in fine working condition
with CPM and MPM system disks and some software for CPM that I've
transferred from other formats. The 8000 needs a new power supply.
A Mac LC-II. Machine was working, but keyboard stopped responding
except for click noise. Haven't had time to diagnose it.
A Data General 1 portable MS-DOS machine (8086 or 8088, not sure
which). Works and comes with expansion docking station and external 5
1/4 inch drive. No software for docking station, unfortunately.
A Vic 20 with lots of goodies.
A TI-99. Not sure what;s with it.
A Columbia PC, PC compatible luggable, similar to Compaq original
A IBM XT with hard drive and CGA monitor.
4 Televideo terminals, 3 925's and a 950. Also one copy each of service
manuals and several operating manuals.
A Sperry terminal.
An Apple IIc with color and monochrome monitors and lots of software.
Wordstar 4 for CPM and for MS-DOS in original boxes.
SuperCalcII for Osborne.
Lots more software, getting too tired to list.

Send me your email address and I'll give you details about where it is
and how to arrange to see it. Please help me to keep from dumpstering
this. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to pack and ship it, so
local pickups only.
Gerald Pine
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