FREE STUFF! (Well almost)

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Date: Thu Apr 25 06:05:20 2002

At 08:40 PM 4/24/02 -0700, you wrote:
>I'd love to get in on some of that action but he's not shipping and I'm
>in CA.
> Erik

  Same here. I'm in Florida. :-(


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>Subject: FREE STUFF! (Well almost)
> I spotted this in the CPM news-group. It looks like a good deal for
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>I have sold cpm machines from my collection to several of you in the
>past. I am finally running out of time to disperse my collection of
>machines before my house is officially sold to its new owners. The
>machines are in La Grange, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. My
>wife is going to include whatever is not left in a garage sale that she
>is holding next Saturday (the 27th or whatever date is a Saturday about
>then--no calendar in front of me). If someone can pick up the machines
>before then, or have a friend pick them up, they can be had for a VERY
>attractive price. In fact, we'll let you name what you think is
>reasonable. The more you take, the cheaper the better we'll like it. I
>don't want to dumpster these if I can avoid it, and I doubt that the
>local thrift store will be interested in them. Among what I have are:
>Multiple Osborne I's --at least one I know is working. Some have
>developed glitches sitting around for the last few years, and I think
>that they could easily be made to work, but no guarantees. I do have at
>least boot disks for most, but you might have to sort through some
>diskettes to pick them out. Take them all and your job is easier.
>Multiple Xerox 820-II's: 1 dual 8-inch floppy, 8-inch hard drive; 1
>dual 8-inch floppy. 1 dual 5 1/4 inch floppy; some home made 8-inch
>drive cabinets. Have software (much) for these, and even have one
>pretty complete set of manuals and original diskettes, including a
>technical manual, CPM and operating manuals of various types, and MS-DOS
>manual, a CPM-86 manual, a graphics manual, wordstar, and probably some
>that I'm not remembering. I'd like to get a few bucks for the manuals
>A Sanyo MBC-1000(?) not sure of the number, but it is a single floppy
>drive Z80 machine with boot disks and some software that I've
>transferred. Almost new condition.
>An Altos 580 and an Altos 8000: The 580 is in fine working condition
>with CPM and MPM system disks and some software for CPM that I've
>transferred from other formats. The 8000 needs a new power supply.
>A Mac LC-II. Machine was working, but keyboard stopped responding
>except for click noise. Haven't had time to diagnose it.
>A Data General 1 portable MS-DOS machine (8086 or 8088, not sure
>which). Works and comes with expansion docking station and external 5
>1/4 inch drive. No software for docking station, unfortunately.
>A Vic 20 with lots of goodies.
>A TI-99. Not sure what;s with it.
>A Columbia PC, PC compatible luggable, similar to Compaq original
>A IBM XT with hard drive and CGA monitor.
>4 Televideo terminals, 3 925's and a 950. Also one copy each of service
>manuals and several operating manuals.
>A Sperry terminal.
>An Apple IIc with color and monochrome monitors and lots of software.
>Wordstar 4 for CPM and for MS-DOS in original boxes.
>SuperCalcII for Osborne.
>Lots more software, getting too tired to list.
>Send me your email address and I'll give you details about where it is
>and how to arrange to see it. Please help me to keep from dumpstering
>this. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to pack and ship it, so
>local pickups only.
>Gerald Pine
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