Anyone Care About RT-11

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 10:46:25 2002

--- "Jerome H. Fine" <> wrote:
> ...I also acquired some RK05 packs with old RT-11 distributions that I
> hope to make available as soon as I can find a controller for a Qbus
> or someone with both a working RK05 and something more
> recent such as an RL02. From the RL02, the final step is to
> make copies available via a CD.

I have an RKV11D, numerous Qbus boxes and processors (this one came
attached to an 11/03, but I have lots of KDF11 stuff and one KDJ11
that I have yet to power on (it has a BA213 handle which I haven't
removed yet, and it does not fit into a BA11N or BA23 as-is). I
also have RLV11s and RLV12s and RL02 drives in close enough proximity
to be useful. I haven't fired up the RK05 in several years, so I'm not
sure about the state of the rubber parts, etc., but it's all accessible
and somewhat easy to reassemble. It worked the last time I used it.

Additionally, I have all the modern conveniences, a burner, serial lines
running from the basement to the computer room (in the same conduit I
fished my CAT5 and 10BaseFL fiber), cable modem, etc. I presume that
Kermit for RT-11 would be a reasonable way of getting disk images from
a PDP-11 to a box with a burner. I don't think I have it, but it
should be easily aquirable. I could always throw 2.9BSD on a box
here and cobble up some UNIX tools, or throw the RLV12 in a uVAX-II,
etc. Out of curiosity, does the RKV11D work in a uVAX? VMS drivers?
I presume the RK11D does, but I wasn't sure how interchangable they
were fron a driver standpoint (Unibus and Qbus drivers can have issues
with mapping registers being handled differently, etc. Assumptions of
intercompatibility are unwise; we had completely different drivers for
our Unibus and Qbus products back in the old days).

I am interested in helping, but I am booked up with external projects
for a few weeks. If that timeframe is acceptable, we can take discussion
of plans off-list to spare folks from this on-topic break from the
on-going flame wars.


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