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Date: Thu Apr 25 11:07:21 2002

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> >I think there was exactly one product from Apple that plugged into
> >the floppy port - a 20MB disk that required strange drivers. I
> >don't recall the part number, but when Apple came out with a 20MB
> >SCSI disk, they called it the "20SC" or something similar (IIRC)
> >to distinguish it from the older product.
> The floppy port one was called the Hard Disk 20 (Hard Drive 20?? damn, I
> always screw that up). You are right on the SCSI one (20SC). And there is
> a 2nd product that I am aware of Apple made for the floppy port. An
> external 400k floppy drive. They may have made other external floppies
> for the Mac that use the floppy port as well (800k maybe, but I don't
> think they made a 1.44 external)
> There were of course other floppy drives made for floppy ports on the
> IIgs, but I don't know if that is the same functionality, so I don't know
> if those could have been used on the Mac.

The hard drive was called an HD20. I have a mac 512k that uses it. About a
fast as a floppy drive, but at least it held 20megs worth.
You couldnt chain a floppy drive off the HD20 though.
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