linux in 6gb

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 13:07:04 2002

--- Dan Wright <> wrote:
> Ethan Dicks said:
> >
> > I've got a functional kernel and a webcam app with ftp client (to
> export
> > the pictures) on a floppy disk. I also have Linux with a GUI, browser,
> > messenger client and MP3 player in the 16M flash disk of my iOpener.
> Did you install linux on the flash disk?


> I put a 4GB HDD in my iOpener :)

I have a 6GB drive that never made it into my iOpener - I diverted it
into my old Dell laptop, replacing a 2.1GB disk. Due to another toy,
the TuxScreen ("Shannon" telephone), I learned of some 32MB EDO SODIMMs
for $15 that happen to fit the TuxScreen _and_ my laptop, bringing it
up to 80MB total and helping me to work more smoothly on an Open Source
project with heavy hardware DIY -

> If not, it comes with QNX, not linux...

Yes, as does the Audrey. I've played with QNX in an on-topic sense - the
environmental controls of the Crary Science and Engineering Center (CSEC)
at McMurdo Station are QNX based. I had to debug a network problem
that was forcing the Facilities guys to tweak stuff by hand because their
workstation was knocked off-line and they didn't have spare parts for
the "computer" part of their system, only the "environmental" part (the
problem was a dead NIC, but of a vintage and brand that we had to
seriously scrounge for a spare - all of our desktops had 3C509s or
one of a couple of varieties of NE2000 clone)

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