Anyone Care About RT-11

From: Carl Lowenstein <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 13:43:58 2002

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> --- "Jerome H. Fine" <> wrote:
> > ...I also acquired some RK05 packs with old RT-11 distributions that I
> > hope to make available as soon as I can find a controller for a Qbus
> > or someone with both a working RK05 and something more
> > recent such as an RL02. From the RL02, the final step is to
> > make copies available via a CD.
> I have an RKV11D, numerous Qbus boxes and processors (this one came
> attached to an 11/03, but I have lots of KDF11 stuff and one KDJ11
> that I have yet to power on (it has a BA213 handle which I haven't
> removed yet, and it does not fit into a BA11N or BA23 as-is). I
> also have RLV11s and RLV12s and RL02 drives in close enough proximity
> to be useful. I haven't fired up the RK05 in several years, so I'm not
> sure about the state of the rubber parts, etc., but it's all accessible
> and somewhat easy to reassemble. It worked the last time I used it.
> I presume the RK11D does, but I wasn't sure how interchangable they
> were fron a driver standpoint (Unibus and Qbus drivers can have issues
> with mapping registers being handled differently, etc. Assumptions of
> intercompatibility are unwise; we had completely different drivers for
> our Unibus and Qbus products back in the old days).

The RKV11D is really an RK11D with a different bus interface.
Sort of a built-in Qniverter.

Unfortunately the designers skimped on the extended address bits,
so the RKV11 is 16-bit address space.

I think that hardware hacks to add two address bits to make the RKV11
compatible with the RK!1 have been published, but I don't remember where.

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