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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 15:59:37 2002

I may have a couple of these in a box downstais. What do they have by way of
identifying features?


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> > The floppy port one was called the Hard Disk 20 (Hard Drive 20?? damn, I
> > always screw that up). You are right on the SCSI one (20SC). And there is
> > a 2nd product that I am aware of Apple made for the floppy port. An
> > external 400k floppy drive. They may have made other external floppies
> > for the Mac that use the floppy port as well (800k maybe, but I don't
> > think they made a 1.44 external)
> >
> > There were of course other floppy drives made for floppy ports on the
> > IIgs, but I don't know if that is the same functionality, so I don't know
> > if those could have been used on the Mac.
> I used to own an external 400k drive, sold it about 10 years ago
> along with the old 400k internal drive they let me keep when I
> had my Fat mac upgraded to a 512Ke.
> Yes, Apple did make an external drive, ISTR is was called UniDrive
> but that was also what they called the single plastic 5.25inch drives
> for the Apple //e, according to Sellam... So I think Apple may have
> goofed and used the name twice. However, these were not Superdrives,
> IIRC, they didn't support 1.44MB, only 800MB.
> When I first saw it, the sounds it made were like a little hard
> drive, or so it seemd at the time.
> Third-parties also made external drives; I have one such beast,
> can't recall the maker, but I think it has both autoeject in
> addition to the quite visible and accessible front-panel eject
> button.
> -dq
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