Open source -- non computer topics (Debian)

From: Ryan Underwood <>
Date: Thu Apr 25 19:33:10 2002


> Never had a problem with Debian, other than its name...
> Is it an acronym for something?

It's rather lame, but:

"Since many people have asked, Debian is pronounced 'deb ee n'. It comes
 from the names of the creator of Debian, Ian Murdock, and his wife, Debra."

<shrug> :)

However, you can get Linux-based Debian distributions such as "Corel", "Storm",
"Progeny", and such. The Debian package system and architecture is not tied
explicitly to the official Debian project (and debatable policies) alone.


> the Debian people have better things to do with their time than debate,
> argue about, and perhaps eventually fix it.

This is possible, but if you offered a reasonable and serious rebuttal to
their policy (or portions thereof), I would doubt that anybody would think
twice before taking it into consideration. In other words, if you have
something to say, it would help to tell it to the people who can do something
about it! :)

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