ScanPlus Gray 300 scanner - what type of interface?

From: Arno Kletzander <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 00:46:00 2002

Thanks for this first info. The scanner does not bear the Plustek name or
logo, but their web site lists a "Scan Plus Color 3000" (possibly color variant
of mine), for which they still have a driver. The bottom of my scanner has a
label on it with two checkboxen, "ScanPlus Gray 300" next to the checked and
"ScanPlus Color 3000" next to the unchecked one, so obviously the used at
least the same housing.

Unfortunately, they only describe setup procedures for parallel port
scanners (which have a second connector for the printer cable) and USB scanners, so
I'm still lost as to which kind of interface I need to connect mine.

I had already found and downloaded the files from the Italian site.

Sincerely yours

Arno Kletzander

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