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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 05:35:37 2002

> > Well, by now I have 3 PCs (AMD) running with motherboard IDE Raid.
> > one is just stripeing, the other two mirroring. all three work
> > 100% hasslefree. I can't tell about the recovery, because I don't
> > needed it until now. but the second mirror configuration was created
> > on the fly - an existing harddisk as #1 and a new as #2 and it started
> > copying right away.

> Just a wee reminder about RAID 1 (mirroring) controllers. The
> one I have is useless EXCEPT that with a Pentium III 750, the
> PCI controller can handle four EIDE drives with a sustained
> throughput of 33 MBytes per second or about 2 Gbytes per
> minute. This means that I can copy a 1 GByte file from one
> hard drive to the other hard drive in about 1 Minute.

> As for the RAID 1 (mirroring) function, don't wait until you have
> a hard drive failure. Find some way to simulate an error - I just
> unplugged one hard drive. If the RAID 1 firmware/software
> can't handle the problem, then the mirroring function is not much
> use when you don't know what the problem is. So if the RAID 1
> is not helpful after you have the problem and if you never have
> a problem you don't need RAID 1 in the first place, why bother.

Well, that's what I exectly started to test. As I told earlyer,
when plugging in a new disk it did duplicate the existing disk
onto the new one right away. The above mentioned test was if both
copies are independant usable as first drive for recovery.

I won't start the final test, the one where I put both disks
together again, to see how it recovers teh inconsistent system,
until next week, since I need the machine to woork the next 3 days.

> EXCEPT in my case, I kept it for the RAW SPEED.

That's why I used stripeing on my game machine :)


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