Some new finds and Some Wanted Items

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 09:58:10 2002

Picked new in the box Apple II SCSI Card for II Plus, IIe, and IIGS, has
cool little wrench with the apple logo stamped in the metal.

New in the box System 6 IIGS.

New in the box HyperStudio for the IIGS, Version 3.1 with System 6.01.

Books - Introduction to Analog Computation by Joseph J. Blum, Mac
Internet Tour Guide with software, TEX for the BeginnerMicro-Computer
Handbook by Charles J. Sippl (from 1977), the Z-80 microcomputer
handbook by William Barden, Jr., Programming the Z80 3rd Ed. by Rodnay
Zaks and last VAX software Source Book Volume 2 Systems software, second
edition January 1985 by digital.

A Sega PowerBack for the Gamegear ($2.99) at a local thrift and from the
same place a Logitech joystick (digital 3D) for $3.99, and a cool
controller for the PS1 for $2.99.

Now for the wanted items - looking to complete my Mac collection that I
started years ago trying to collect one of each model from 1984 to 1995
for a total of 103 machines.
PB160 - working or not
Mac 512Ke
Quadra 800
Performa 466, 467, 550, 275,, 560, 577,578, 658
Duo250, Duo270, Duo280,
Color classic II
WS6150, WS8150, WS9150
PB520c, PB540, PB540c, PB150
PF6110, PF6112, PF6115, PF6117, PF6118
If anyone has one or more of these that they would like to unload email
me off list at Thanks for reading.
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