Commodore PC-20-III

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Apr 26 10:40:40 2002

 I have one but haven't had it out for several years. Ray Carlsen had a PC10
and posted some stuff about it on cscbm. I used a Commodore1402 monitor
with it that I had acquired at a different time and IIRC later my Tandy CM-5
RGBI monitor. Jim Brain's list catalogues the 1402 as a Hercules ( In the
monitor or on the motherboard of the PC20 ?).

 I'm wondering if you have a different model. Mine is labelled "PC10C /
PC20C" . The PC10s and 20s were virtually identical I believe except for
configuration. Mine has no cards and with 2 slots missing cover plates. It
also has a sticker saying "ATI 2400 modem installed" but no modem.

 All the ports are labeled. It has a 9pin "Mouse" port, a f-db25 "parallel port",
m-db25 "serial port", "comp video" RCA port, 9pin "RGBI", and 4sw. "config"
block with 3 possible configurations. "Color40", Color80", and "Monochrome".
 Possibly yours is an earlier model. If you like I can send you my switch
setting list later.

 However I am about to embarque on a trip west to Vancouver and won't be
back for about 3 weeks.

 Still haven't found the pinouts for the Commie L-T 386. Guess I'll have to
probe it.


> Well, I'm now the (proud?) owner of a Commodore PC-20-III. Ironically, this is a
> Commodore I know little about although it is a more or less vanilla PC clone,
> but there are some weird things about it.
> First, there's a composite video out on it. What kind of graphics did these have
> in them? I haven't cracked the case yet, but there's also apparently a video
> card in one of the slots (with six DIP switches? used for what?) and a two-port
> card with two DB-15s on it that I can't immediately identify.
> Anyone out there own one of these and can tell me a little about it?
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