Serendipity (Was: Re: Micro$oft Biz'droid Lusers (was: OT email response format))

From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Sat Apr 27 08:00:34 2002

> From: "Richard Erlacher" <>
> Lots of perfectly useable computers started out as little
> more than toys.


> Nevertheless, Ed Roberts has gone on record as saying he didn't intend the
> thing to grow into a computer, which suggests that he didn't originally
> it as one.

The Processor Technology SOL likewise was not intended to be a
stand-alone computer. Lee had in mind a terminal for use with
connecting to real computers. I can't recall if he and Bob
Marsh just looked at each other one day and realized it could
be more, or if the stand-alone concept originated with Les Solomon.

Bob Stek? Jim Battle? What do you recall?

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