Mark-8 parts for sale

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Date: Sat Apr 27 12:31:20 2002

Thank you to everyone who responded to my ad to sell my Mark-8 kit. For
anyone interested in the boards or additional parts, here is the man to

Steve Gabaly
Apalachin, NY

Steve's a good guy and has painstakingly created his Mark-8s and parts, etc.
His CD contains a wealth of great info including a copy of the original Radio
Electronics article, a supplemental 47 page construction article, a 50 page
manual detailing his experience and hints debugging this computer (with many
photos and full scans of completed boards), and about 200 pages of the Mark-8
newsletter (the first real computer hobbyist newsletter that kept all the
early pioneers informed before Byte came out, its a treasure chest of
historical information about the Mark-8 and other early computers, the
January 1975 issue is especially interesting, this is when the Altair was


David Greelish
Classic Computing
"classiccomputing" on eBay
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