"Toy" computers http://www.conmicro.cx/hercules

From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
Date: Sun Apr 28 00:02:12 2002

On Saturday 27 April 2002 16:28, you wrote:
> > Today that campus worth of hardware is emulated in the hercules
> > s360/370/390/ zSeries emulator http://www.conmicro.cx/hercules
> > running on a PC running linux or winbloZ
> >
> > OS, DOS, MVS, VM ... running on your pc, serves x3270
> > terms over the network etc etc.
> Ow! You're killing me!

 Actually, its sort of unexpected that you havent been
 pointed to this project or found this on your own.

 Its certainly a less cost option than a P370/390 card

 These guys for example have a turnkey cdrom image
 where you can go from the cd burner to a TSO
 login in only a few minutes.

 A real box can total flood a bundle of gigabit fiber
 the diameter of your right leg, its the I/O that sets
 these monsters apart really, their CPUs are no
 slouch, but not any faster than a common modern
 PC chip.

 Course there is their memory scrubing, the ability
 to hotspare memory modules on the fly, redundancy
 that can even deal with failed cache and buss lines.

 After reading about all the bother they go to to make
 these things survive failures and glitches, it brings to
 mind a senario where you wonder how many .45 cal
 pistol slugs the machine could absorb before the
 failure handler could no longer cope.

 There is a paper that explains the systems and
 schemes that go into the machines hardware fault
 tolerance that would leave the first time readers jaw
 agape, but i cant dig up the url at present.

 The emulator is still a very worthwhile project to look
 at however, and despite me using it first as a brickbat
 its rather cool and usefull for doing real work.
 (Development at home etc)


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