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From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Apr 28 11:09:10 2002

> The "GNU Movement" has become a cult. Its members are unable to abide any
> view of its goals or its leader that doesn't hew strictly to the party
> line. To raise any question or objection to _any_ of RMS's views,
> actions, or demands, invites accusations of ingratitude and/or
> ignorance, at the very least.

I'll throw in with this. I get a lot of grief from the GNU crowd because the
free software I release is under my own freeware license, not GPL (everyone
else apparently couldn't care less). One particular pighead basically sent me
a flame saying I was a moron when I tried to explain to him my issues with the
GPL model and how I feel it doesn't adequately protect author rights. This is
a wonderful way to talk a software author into changing his license terms. :-/
Heaven forbid GPL should be impeachable!

The GNU movement has done a lot of good, but it is far from a panacea.

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