Jan 82 article abt the IBM PC

From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
Date: Sun Apr 28 17:19:40 2002

On Sunday 28 April 2002 09:13, you wrote:
> Raymond Moyers wrote:
> > http://www.nop.org/misc/pics/ibmpc
> Why? I didn't get a kick out of it then.

 Well, part of the discussion here was about cost
 and the article has a price table comparing with
 machines like the model 4

 I made no inference about merit.

 Indeed, the x86 chip started as a controler for
 a cad terminal, and ss100 had plenty life in
 it, esp with the opening it gave for others to
 make cards, like the then common practice
 of stuffing several single board computers into
 a single ss100 chassis to get multiuser into one

 the x86 line had everyting to bitch about, it was
 register starved and GP regs that wasnt really GP

 Linux is making computing CPU agnostic however
 and with a system that runs on anything, all that
 matters for the hardware is price/performace.

 In this new climate, perhaps the dark/ice age of
 winblows dumbing down mankind will abate.

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