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From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
Date: Sun Apr 28 19:12:55 2002

On Sunday 28 April 2002 13:06, you wrote:
> > Actually, its sort of unexpected that you haven't been
> > pointed to this project or found this on your own.
> I found it long before you did, I guarantee you. Some of the code in that
> project was written by yours truly.

 Then why the feigned ignorance then ?
 and I feel some tugging at my lower extremities.

 In fact... hmmm
afu:/data1/OS/herc/mirror/Mail-archive-html/hercules-390-2000-Q1-Q3# grep -l
"nop.org" *

afu:/data1/OS/herc/mirror/Mail-archive-html/hercules-390-2000-Q1-Q3# grep -i
"date" 0058.html
<strong>Date:</strong> Wed Mar 01 2000 - 19:43:55 GMT

 Ya know, ive been on the Herc mail list for a while and ...

afu:/data1/OS/herc/mirror/Mail-archive-html/hercules-390-2000-Q1-Q3# grep -l
"ikickass.org" *
grep: att-0581: Is a directory
afu:/data1/OS/herc/mirror/Mail-archive-html/hercules-390-2000-Q1-Q3# cd ../
afu:/data1/OS/herc/mirror/Mail-archive-html# grep -sirl "ikickass.org" *

 You are not in my archives mirror at all

 I think you are blowin smoke up my Butt.

> Come back when you know what you are talking about.

 And my error was where ?
 non-seq tosser too i see.

> (BTW, from your previous argument, I was *on the team that ported Linux to
> S/390 at Marist College*

 Linux was not ported at marist, it was a skunkworks project _at_ IBM itself
 ( with much work done _at_ IBM Germany) Marist had the first starter kits.


        At age 28, Boas Betzler is known at IBM as the "grandfather"
        of Linux on the mainframe. In mid-1998, he began a port of
        Linux to the IBM zSeries, and he's shepherded the Linux
        mainframe project from the beginning to the first shipments.

        In porting Linux to an IBM mainframe, Betzler went against the
        grain both internally at IBM, where many saw Linux as a competitor
        to IBM's own mainframe operating system, and among many analysts
        outside of IBM, who suggested the port wasn't possible without a
        huge investment.

        Betzler's "fun" project has helped IBM record double-digit revenue
        growth for the first time in more than a decade

 You are not talking out of your usual orifice it seems, or perhaps you are.

Was: Error in Marist large filesystem: Library symlinks
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 23:20:24 -0600
From: Raymond Moyers <rmoyers_at_nop.org>
To: Linux on VM Port <LINUX-VM_at_VM.MARIST.EDU>

Hmm seems ive deleted some of my older posts grr, o well they have
a list archive too, and im in it, been on that list from near day one ... i
dont seem to recall you there either.

You are not talking out of your usual orifice it seems, or perhaps you are.

 you sound as if you had been locked in a glass house with an old 360/67
 for 20 years and suddenly came out and spent the last day or so cramming
 for your last post.

 Common man, it isnt my aim to get in no pecker fight here, its just the
 exchange of experience projects and ideas, so why go to an extent
 of putting your integrity in question. bad move imo.

> -- Linux is *not* the best thing to happen to mainframes.

 IBM sales sure says otherwise, it has reversed a downward trend
 in sales in market conditions where the field elsewhere is not
 climbing. IBM gives direct credit to Linux on the 390 for this.

> I know the capabilities of the hardware, I know the capabilities of the
> OS, and I know that the OS is not the best choice for the hardware
> in most cases).

 Unix given a persona, being more GP than anything before seen on earth,
 would not claim to be "best" at anything. it would claim provably beyond
 all doubt, running on devices from wristwatch ( demoed by IBM ) to the
 mainframe, that it is good at more things than any other system can claim.

 Linux on the s390 bare metal would sure be incomplete, it dont have all the
 support from all the user written tools dealing with the specifics of that
 hardware, it still really needs VM under it to fill in it functional gaps.

 Thats the argument you could have made, so why am i the one making it.

 ( i dont see that condition existing forever tho, VM was no utilitarian
 cornacopia on the hacked 360/40 it was born on either, even VM370r6
 cant run XEDIT because the full screen support is missing, but hey,
 VM got better and so will linux390)

 This last post from you was in the flavor that it seems you think i was
 attacking you or something, relax man, that isnt the case.

 Leftist moonies always translate disagreement with them into personal
 attacks, they call you racist, or go into their shout you down mode or ..

 Is that what this is ?

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