Apology {RE: Sun help needed... [was: RE: ...

From: David Woyciesjes <DAW_at_yalepress3.unipress.yale.edu>
Date: Mon Apr 29 09:30:50 2002

        Oh boy... Looks like I managed to make myself look like some
dumb-ass schizophrenic with a computer. When I really _only_ just a dumb-ass
with a computer...
        Made the mistake of trying to send e-mail through an Exchange server
from Netscape using IMAP. The server lied and said it didn't send the
message (that bastard!). That's why I tried two other ways...

        Many apologies to all for my screw-up.

        Please respond off-list... But does anyone have a better e-mail
client recommendation? I have sub-folders on the server, which I'd need to
get to...

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