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Date: Mon Apr 29 10:14:33 2002

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> > Dick, do you actually have any interest in old machines or
> are you just

> If you'd read my earlier post, you'd know that my interest
> was in giving away
> the hardware I had available. The reason was that, while I
> still use some of
> the old boxes I have from back in the '70's, and while I
> still use the ones
> that do something the newer ones don't, or simply do it more
> conveniently, I

Sounds fair to me, though, I go further, and preserve hardware
for the sake of "example," among other things.

> don't have any interest in keeping non-functional or
> redundant hardware lying
> about.

Just in case somebody complains about this response, I have to
say that it sounds like a proper use of this list as far as I
can tell.

> number of replies instead that simply said, "I'll take it
> all, ship it to ..."

> with no offer to participate, say, by paying for the packing
> and shipping.

Normally if I were to tell somebody that, I'd be assuming that
I'd at least have to pay the shipping, but if I ever write to
you about something like that, I'll try to be clear on it.

> itself. I wouldn't say I toy with 'em however. I hot-rod
> the things from
> time to time, just to see what sort of speed could have come
> from them, under
> circumstances that didn't then exist, but I certainly don't
> pretend I see them
> as being in any sense better than what's out there today.

Better is, however, very subjective. :)

> their grammar,
> syntax, and orthography are clear evidence they've not even
> read their own
> writing, I can't possibly take them seriously.

A pet peeve of mine too; you can't get away from those people,
either. Some of them are even great people, but their writing
is terrible.

One thing I've wondered for a while -- and don't take this as an
insult -- is, are you aware of the possible slang connotations in
your user-name?


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