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From: Jos Dreesen <jos.mar_at_bluewin.ch>
Date: Mon Apr 29 15:10:59 2002

ajp166 wrote:
, so you say. I just got done building two 50mhz frequency counters
> using SMT parts. The board is 1.8x2.1 inches and the display is 4 digit
> module with .375" 7 segment leds. The assembly includes 6 transistors
> (SOT) and a 74HC4017 (SMT) plus the Amtel (20pin dip) micro and
> associated chip resistors, caps and diodes. The resistors were the
> large 1206 (.11x.06") parts. There were a total of 5 through hole parts
> if you count the crystal and display. With a low power magnifier,
> standard
> weller 3/64" tip, .022 silver bearing solder, and a pair of #3 tweezers
> it went
> together quite fast.

OK, but these are not the kind of devices I was refering to.
I have seen the immense effort that goes into prototyping GSM phones. That is
which lead to my opinion that such development is beyond any hobbiest means.

> If anything, for those willing to adapt I'd say there are possibilities
> available now that never were.

That is true. But only for the determined,, experienced people .
> Oh and people still build boat anchors too.

Which remains me : I really ought to do somehng with those 5718, 5840 and 6112
pico-tubes ( what is the correct name ) i've got .
Anybody any pointers for schematics ( small radio ) with these tubes ?
I believe it was discussed before on the list.

                                JOs Dreesen
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