RKV11D vs RK11D (was Re: Anyone Care About RT-11)

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Apr 29 16:36:06 2002

--- "Jerome H. Fine" <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to> wrote:
> >Ethan Dicks wrote:
> > > The RKV11D is really an RK11D with a different bus interface...
> So DEC actually made a Qbus compatible controller for the RK05?

Yes. I'm sure it was unpopular, but I do have one.

> > > so the RKV11 is 16-bit address space.
> If necessary, you could add a bounce buffer to the device driver
> to take care of the problem. I did this with the DYX.SYS
> driver - worked very well.

I know such things can be done. I have never written a driver to
do it. I have also not ever written an RT-11 driver, but that
wouldn't stop me.

> It is also possible to run a KDJ11 system with just 56 KBytes of RAM!

Well, yes; I'm sure it is, but there's no point to that. I might as well
use an 11/23+ board (SIO and boot ROMs onboard - just add disk and RAM,
and if you are using/simulating a TU-58, disk is optional).

> As for running with RT11FB (or even RT11SJ which slows things down
> too much), RT-11 will run Kermit very well in a 56 KByte memory
> space.

OK. I thought so, but I haven't run Kermit on an -11 in a very long

> If you can copy the files to a SCSI hard drive, then the second
> stage is a CD.

If I had a Qbus (or Unibus) SCSI controller, I wouldn't have such
a quandry.

Available Qbus interfaces - RLV11, RLV12, RKV11D, DQ614 (haven't gotten
it working yet), KDA50 (still in the box; haven't use it yet), RQDX(123)

Available disks for the above: RL01, RL02, RK05J, various MFM disks DEC
and non-DEC, RA70, RA81, RA60

Mostly, when I put together a Qbus PDP-11, it has an RL02 or an RQDX
w/MFM drive on it. Those are my most "universal" drive sets. It's
also why I never went very far with 2BSD - 2xRL02 is kind awkward,
and MSCP isn't supported under 2.9BSD (and 2.11BSD requires a split I&D
CPU which I only recently acquired).

My expectation was to put an RLV11 or RLV12 in the same box as the
RKV11D and squirt a physical backup out the serial port, even if I
had to write the squirter myself. If I could use Kermit-11, that
would simplify transfer, as long as I had enough space to crunch
full RK05 disk images to a file on, say, an RL02 pack (probably have
enough room for one image + RT-11 + utilities on an RL01 pack, but
the RL01 drives are not here and the RL02 is).

What I _really_ need to do is perform this feat in pieces - I have
a couple of RL02 packs I need to archive, some with my own work from
15 years ago that I left behind with the boss that he later gave back
to me and does not exist anywhere else in the world. I was thinking
of making a physical transfer utility that I can tell "do the front 50%,
now the back 50%", etc., and export the backup in stripes and recombine,
probably under UNIX with "cat".

> I don't know if this request is reasonable, but anyone who can loan me
> a Qbus RK05 controller can have the RK05 drive after I copy the
> RK05 files to a SCSI hard drive. They can have the RK05 packs
> as well.

I'll consider this. Would you want me to test the RKV11D first? I'm
in Ohio, so shipping becomes noticable overhead.

I do need to get the RKV11D back - I need its cables and paddle card
for my RK8E - same goodies and I need a working RK8E more than a
working RKV11D. I can always move things back and forth, especially
if the -8 is in the same rack or next to the RKV11D. I can't imagine
needing both controllers at once.


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