Prime and Xerox, need fast SoCal pickup

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 17:02:50 2002

Big iron doesn't show up in SoCal too often, and this one has to go ASAP. I
talked to Linda this morning, but unfortunately she doesn't know a lot
about the system, and worse I have zero and I mean zero space, and very
little time available. They prefer immediate pickup, ie last day of the
month, but indicated they could move the unit to a new storage and hold for
a short time. Please contact Linda directly and soon.

Message as I recieved it below.

    Hi Mike, Nice talking to you. We have Prime Computer (circa 1980)
and a Xerox "Winchester" drive (circa 1985) which we would like to dispose
of ASAP. As I told you we are moving and need to get these items out of
our storage unit. Additionally we have a Minolta Microfische Model RP603
which we no longer use. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly
appreciated! Contact: Linda Locke Rod Gunn Associates,
Inc. Seal Beach, CA (562) 598-7677 work
               (714) 749-5474 cell
Received on Mon Apr 29 2002 - 17:02:50 BST

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