IBM AT power supply case/cooling question

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 19:37:25 2002

Look for brass screen, local "old style" hardware store. Better conduction
which makes a better EMI/RFI sheild and less prone to corrosion over ferrous
materials except those that are galvanically coated.

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>If you're at all
>worried about EMI, it might be reassuring to put some ferrous metal screen,
>the sort used to repair, or scavenged from, OLD screen doors, not the new
>ones, over the PSU's larger openings.

Does the metal screen material you can buy at Home Depot or the likes
work? I think it is made of Aluminum, but I've never really checked (as I
find the nylon screen easier to work with, so that is what I have always
bought when rescreening windows or doors)


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