Request for Help with the Definicon DSI-32 (NS32032 PC Coprocessor board)

From: Kelly Fergason <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 23:53:53 2002

Its taken me a while, but...

are the fortran and utility disks
for the 68020 Definicon board.

dcp386 was the program I used to create
the images originally (grabbed off simtel).

I am still working on the loader disk,
and will work on documentation as soon as
I can.

Please be patient, its a DSL line.


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Coprocessor board)

Hi Bill,
i saw, that you were bidding for such a board on eBay yesterday (btw. i
tried to get that board
as well, but i was also unsuccessful :-( ) ...

Do you already have such a board, but without documentation ?

I grabbed some months ago a Definicion 68020 board, but without any software
and documentation,
i had no luck until now ...

If you get the software/doucmentation you are asking for, is there a chance,
that you will send me a
copy ? (I still hope to get a 32032 board sometimes/somewhere).

On Fri, 26 Apr 2002 15:31:49 -0400, wrote:

>I'm looking for any documentation and software for the Definicon DSI-32
>(NS32032 PC/XT coprocessor board). ... anything would be useful!
>Thanks in Advance,
>Bill Morgart
Thanks Bernd

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