Fluke 9010 Micro-System Troubleshooter ??

From: Ethan Dicks <erd_6502_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Tue Apr 30 13:16:19 2002

--- Dan Cohoe <dancohoe_at_oxford.net> wrote:
> I have one of these with manuals and acessories for the 8088, 8080, 6502
> and 6809.

Cool. I have one with one pod - MC68000. I got it from my former
employer; we used to make 68000-based serial boards. I've used it
to debug the spare stock I got when the company closed, and to fix

The strangest use I put one to was as a part of an expensive 4K DRAM
tester - take an 11/03 chassis, insert a quad-height CPU board with
socketed DRAM, and a COMBOARD with the Fluke pod stuck to it. Turn
everything on, put the Fluke in "UUT" mode (Unit Under Test) and boot
the COMBOARD by twiddling the CSR via ODT. Kick on the DMA-enable bit
on the COMBOARD the same way, then run a memory test of 4K starting at
$40000000. This causes the COMBOARD to generate DMA cycles of Qbus
space at 0000000 and up (through the shared-memory interface). Three
somewhat expensive items of equipment when new, all to test some DRAM.

I tested the RAM for my Gorf cabinet that way. Still have all the
parts for the next time.

> I recently ran across several other units with a few interface pods. I
> looked at them before I found the one that I bought at a university
> disposal sale, and I expect they are still available. I'll be returning
> to the place where I saw them before Dayton.

Excellent! I'm interested in pods I don't have, especially the 6502.
I don't have as much need for Intel or Zilog pods, but I probably
wouldn't turn one down.

I will be at Dayton on Friday and perhaps Sunday, late, and live 1.5
hours away in any case.

I would be interested in your investigations of any additional units
and/or pods.



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