From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 19:37:10 2002

> One thing that I've wondered is how one gets an old MAC to talk on the
> Ethernet when it's a mixed environment with Netware and Windows NT servers. I
> know Netware has a provision for MAC namespace, but I've only seen one
> ethernet-capable MAC, which leaves me wondering how folks who use MACs
> install an ethernet interface.

Well, I've always installed an Ethernet interface in my Macs by putting the
card inside the case and turning it on.

I'm not sure what you mean by this. My 7300 Power Mac speaks TCP/IP just
fine, and it has a regular 10baseT Ethernet port. It cooperates just fine
in a mixed network.

Plus, there are *many* Ethernet-capable Macs, even if it's just an AAUI
that needs a transceiver.

If you mean *AppleTalk* issues, many NT servers speak AppleTalk too, and OS
X.1 mounts NT shares natively as well as NFS, AppleTalk-over-IP and regular
classic AppleTalk.

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