From: Douglas H. Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Apr 30 21:59:05 2002

> >It's a tossup which was the less reliable
> >product: the 1710AV, or the PowerBook 5300. Check out some of the
> >you-had-to-be-there rants about this monitor in Google Groups
> >(comp.sys.macintosh.*)
> UGH... well, I had the PB 5300, and if the 1710AV was
> anywhere near that bad... YIKES!

Sorry fer yer bad luck, son... flawless PB5300ce
here, too bad I slightly melted the case, would be
a museum piece some day. Well, will anyway...

Current use: Prime 2455 system console, plus plays
Arashi (Finnish clone of TEMPEST) quite nicely...

...also took it on cruise to use as blackjack practice

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