Teletypes (more update)

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 10:28:01 2002

> > "The Porsche 928s. A realistic alternative to Air travel."
> > (Top speed 156 MPH)
> Oh. Never mind. I had envisioned something big enough to _haul_ a
> teletype.

It has a roof, doesn't it?
OB_CC1: I once transported two people and five DTC300s (on their
stands) with a Honda Civic (and some rope)

OB_CC2: The DTC300 did 132 characters per line, and used a 4004.

> The last 150mph car I had was a '68 Charger with a TRW 383 and no
> brakes to speak of. I still miss it.
> Ever notice how many sysadmin/geek types are also into serious
> horsepower?

You can fit almost anything that you want into a 57 chevy wagon.
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