Anyone using their old Mac?

From: Mark Tapley <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 10:40:01 2002

Sellam asked:

>Does anyone here still use their old (say pre-1990) Macintosh as a regular

Sorta. Every year me and a bunch of buddies get together to play computer
network games. "Spaceward Ho" started the tradition, so we always play it
as a point of ceremony, and my Mac Plus is always on the net and playing. I
actually won with it last year.

Likewise, I have the same machine set up so that the 2-year-old can play
"Babysmash", the 6-year-old can play a Maze game, and the 9-year-old can
use "Concertware", but those have not been very heavily used, just novelty
value so far.

Does that count?
                                                                - Mark
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