Anyone using their old Mac?

From: Gavin <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 12:57:01 2002

On Thu, Aug 1, 2002 6:00 pm, "Tom Owad" <>wrote:

>I've got a couple of 128's that act as shelf supports for some of my
>Commodore equipment - so I guess you could say that they are "still in
>use" :-)

Hi all. I have just subscribed. I have the following equipment. BBC Micro.
32k, Apple II+ 48k, Apple IIc, Macintosh Classic 4/80, Amiga A500,
Macintosh LC II with Apple IIe card, Macintosh iMac Bondi Blue.

Of all these only the iMac is in regular use. The LC II is sitting on the
floor beside me. It is semi in use. Or rather it is ready for use to
connect to the Internet should the iMac need to be sent for service (this
has happened twice since I have had it). The other computers are all in the
cupboard under the stairs. All are in working order, or were in working

Projects I have done are:

1. Connected the Apple II to the BBC Micro using the games socket on the
Apple and transfered data successfully. (hard)
2. Connected the BBC Micro to the Amiga and transferred data to a BBC
Micro emulator program which runs on the Amiga.
3. Downloaded disk images off the Internet using the Mac Classic and
transferred them to the Apple IIc using Mac ADT.
3. Connected the Apple II to the Amiga using serial card without
instructions. Card is marked 7710A (hard)
4. Transferred data to the iMac from the LC II via the Internet.
5. Connected the LCII to the internet. (Easy)
  a) browsed the internet with Mac web (slow)
  b) used Eudora for email
  c) Claris emailer seems better
6. Connected the Mac Classic to the Internet using S7.1 and S7.5.5
7. Printed on Epson Stylus Color 740 from LC II. (Easy, send disk images
of 68k version of printer driver which is on Bondi iMac's install CD).

8 Connected to Lost Gonzo using Cyberdog. Any telnet client will do. Is


Projects I have not been able to do.
1. Connect any Macintosh running System 6 to the internet
2. Connect a 5.25 Disk II drive to the LC II card

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