Anyone looking for a CDC 9766?

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 16:03:01 2002

When I was inspecting a Pyramid tower for Dan Cohoe today, the guy
at dotcomliquidation was rolling out a CDC 6766 drive for a fellow
from Virginia who rented a minivan and drove to Columbus to pick
it up (important safety tip: the back deck of a minivan does not
lift up high enough to allow adequate forklift clearance to rear-load
a 600 lb disk drive. He will have some explaining to do when he
returns the van ;-)

I mention it because a) it sold for $25 and b) he has one more. If I
had needed it (got plenty of Fuji Eagles and no 9766 platters) I might
have bought it. The seller offered the second drive to me on the spot
for the same price.

I was a little disappointed in what they had there - *lots* of copiers
(90% end up in the crusher he said), wads of phone and PBX equipment
(including a 20 cabinet Lucent switch that he was going to offer at
$60K to start). Virtually no DEC equipment beyond a couple of semi-
modern storage arrays in the $100-$500 range. I'll probably pop by
his eBay list from time to time - shipping is no hassle for me - they
are 6 miles from work.

So... if you are *really* interested in a 9766, write me and I'll do
what I can to hook you up. I do *not* own a vehicle that will be
suitable to take it to my house. I don't mind storing it for someone
for a reasonable interval (weeks, not years), but I personally have
no way to get it there.


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