Digital Watch Recommendations?

From: Christopher McNabb <>
Date: Thu Aug 1 17:28:00 2002

> I like BIG, HEAVY, INDUSTRIAL watches, so none of those effeminate
> little dressy things!

I recently got a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk to replace my aging Pulsar
Pilot's watch. The Pulsar was a beefy watch, and the Skyhawk is
heavier/larger yet. The Skyhawk is both analog and digiital. You can
display different time zones on the analog and digital displays
simultaenously. You can even create custom locations, for instance I have
my local time zone defined as 'BCB' which is the local airport designator.
It also displays UTC on it's own analog display, and 24 hr time on a
different display. Of course, it has all the usual functions - day/date,
daylight savings time, 3 alarms, stop watch, timers, etc. The big bonus is
it is solar powered - never needs winding or batteries. In pitch black the
second hand stops moving and the digital display goes out, but the hour and
minute hands keep working The watch is supposed to go into a 'standby' mode
after 3 days of darkness where nothing appears to be working, but it still
maintains the time internally. This standby mode is supposed to be able to
last for FOUR YEARS without light!. The hour and minute hands seem to have
a very good glow in the dark substance on them, as I'm able to see them in
my very dark bedroom after being asleep for 7 hours.

I'd highly recommend the Skyhawk. It has the added benefit of a built in
slide-rule / E6B flight computer.
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