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Date: Thu Aug 1 17:48:05 2002

So I walking up to a Dirty Garage (Vente de Garage Sale :) and spotted a
grey box that looked like it might be some sort of Mac or stranger from
the rear. Coming to the front, I see it is a dual 8 inch disquette drive!
The owner of the dirty garage came up to me and, spying my Linux t-shirt,
claimed it was Linux compatible. A good chuckle was had.

However, the drive was part of a complete Displaywriter, which he was
giving away. So I backed my car up and loaded it all in.

- 6580 Electronics Module, display, keyboard
- 6360 Diskette Unit
- 5215 Printer

Doco :
- IBM Displaywriter System Customer Setup Guide
- IBM Displaywriter KWIC [sic] Reference guide
- 11 binders of Textpack tutorials (and documentation?)

- Several sets of software. Haven't checked if it's multiple versions of
  same programs or many different programs
- Many more 8 inch diskettes, including 5-10 unused still in plastic
- 2 loose boards, in a bag w/ small piece of paper where upon it is
  written : "Defective, changed summer 93" in french

I haven't fired it up yet to see if it works. However, I *must*
get rid of it as I have no space for it. So, is anyone interested? My
cost : FREE CHEAP. Of course, you pay for shipping from southern Quebec
(which won't be cheap for something this heavy). Better yet, come and
pick it up! I'd even be prepared to deliver it to somewhere close by (I'm
in Estrie) or even Montreal (I go there often).

If there are no takers w/in a month, I'll probably end up as landfill
(except the diskettes).

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