Old MacOS NetTrek game?

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Thu Aug 1 20:43:00 2002

> > Does anyone have a copy of the NetTrek game for MacOS? (And I don't
>> mean the Netrek Unix game.) I used to play this all the time on the Mac
>> SEs in my highschool. Some of the old Mac archives have the game
>> listed, but none of them actually have the archive file.
>Ooo. I'd like to get a copy of this too.

        I always liked playing Marathon over a LAN between a bunch of
Centris 610's. Wouldn't mind finding a usable copy either since my
disks seem to be corrupted. That and Risk (both MacOS and DOS
versions) were my favorite games.

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