Tips/leads for Nat Semi 32k system(s)?

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Date: Thu Aug 1 21:57:00 2002

Anybody have a suggestion for locating some kind of system based
on the Nat Semi 32k family? At this stage the only preference I'd
state is that it be a vaguely "open" platform (e.g. CompuPro's old
32016 S-100 board - I'd love a system built around one of these)
or run some flavor of Unix (a la Nat Semi's Genix boxes or the
Tektronix workstations).

I followed Bruce Culbertson's 32016 design way back when, and of
course Dave Rand et alia's pc532 board. I even have a 32k design
kit from Nat Semi around here somewhere, but never got started on
my ambitious plans of building something from Bruce's design.

Suggestions or even just reminiscences would be welcome.


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