Fwd: [swap] ProFile looking for good home

From: Chris <mythtech_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Aug 2 10:04:00 2002

I got this on a Mac swap list today. Maybe someone in or near London
wants to follow up and snag themselves a free Lisa Profile drive. (Or if
someone wants to grab it for free, but doesn't want it, I'll be happy to
pay shipping to have it sent to the US)

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>Subject: [swap] ProFile looking for good home
>Date: 8/2/02 8:02 AM
>Received: 8/2/02 10:53 AM
>From: BrianH, b.harding_at_qmul.ac.uk
>To: LEM Swap List, lem-swap_at_mail.maclaunch.com
>I've got an Apple Profile external drive - apparently suits Apple II or
>Lisa?? Believed working, nothing to test with. FREE to good home - but must
>_collect_ from Forest Gate, London, UK.
>Contact me and tell me why you should have it;>
>Take care .....
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